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About Daniela Haaland, Realtor®

Daniela Haaland, Realtor®

From the foundation up, Daniela (Porri) Haaland knows houses and how to make them homes. She brings to Golden Gate Sotheby’s International Realty a strong passion for real estate stemming from her positions at JD Haaland Construction Inc. as Chief Financial Officer and Principal Design Consultant. Developers and Prospective Homeowners throughout the San Francisco Bay Peninsula trust Daniela with finding and designing their perfect home.  

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What Clients Are Saying

Daniela is a fabulous agent!

She really took the time to get to know what I was looking for and provided amazing advice about specific properties and neighborhoods. Daniela's background in construction and design was super helpful, in that it gave me ideas on how to make my dream home out of the  inventory available. She was on time for all of our meetings and went out of her way to be available when it worked for me. She also got detailed information on the properties I was interested in very quickly. I'm also really impressed with her ability to clearly lay out pricing strategies and present comps - Daniela knows the market and it shows!

Proof of Market Knowledge - I will only set realistic exceptions

We connected with Daniela in a chance meeting while checking out a home she was representing the seller for. She came across as a very honest lady who had great experience of the Palo Alto neighborhood. What was more interesting, was her ability to understand our needs and then suggest homes with our perspective and budgets in mind, rather than forcing us in a particular direction.

She aggressively showed us homes across Palo Alto, while patiently waiting on our responses, gauging them and then checking the seller sentiment before advising us. In a short span of a month, Daniela had personally shown us over 20 homes, we had bid on 3 and finally landed with the home of our choice and budget. Furthermore, with her personal connections, she helped us settle in quickly by providing us with the right services (handyman, gardener...).

We highly recommend Daniela as a trustworthy partner who will work with you to get the home meant for you.

Patience & Persistence is what you will find